Pralongan's charming Savoyard village, high-quality ski area, and exceptional natural environment in the heart of Vanoise National Park makes it the ideal destination for an incredibly snow-covered vacation!

Our instructors enjoy sharking their passion for winter sports and always provide the right tips and instruction for everyone to be able to enjoy sliding on snow, improving their skills, and discovering every amazing spot the ski area has to offer.

To improve, it is important to have fun. All lesson plans are developed with this in mind and taught by state certified instructors. They ensure that everyone receives individual feedback.

When applying your newly acquired skills, our instructors and staff, whose skills have been tested and certified by our activity managers, will be right by your side. They are all passionate about winder sports, and will do everything to ensure that you enjoy a high-quality active vacation: on snow at the right place at the right time, having fun, and understanding the mountain environment.


7-11 years old – Sport'camp – Open to everyone

Program (subject to change based on conditions and ability):

Sunday- arrival and setup, equipment fitting. Discover the resort and prepare for the upcoming week.

Monday through Friday - the day's pace will be based on the weather and the group's energy level. Sleeping in will be an option midweek; the level of intensity and relaxation will vary throughout the week in order to take full advantage of the vacation!
At least 9 sessions of ski instruction for a total of 23 hours.
After skiing: snow-related activities, entertainment, games, evening fun..

Saturday morning - an easy morning, packing up

The extras for their stay: a blog for parents to follow their kid's activities each day.

Skiing and exploring Vanoise National Park

7-9 years old - My first camp – Open to everyone

Program: skiing and learning about the environment by exploring Vanoise National Park. Your kids will follow the tracks of the park's fauna and learn about different topics related to the environment.

5 ski sessions + 4 nature discovery outings.
One land art session / one outing to explore the surrounding area and observe animal tracks / learning about the origins of Pralognan's emblem / visiting the Vanoise National Park visitor center with a "nature" game to improve one's knowledge / a treasure hunt based on the local environment and making a souvenir with natural materials.

Total ski instruction time: 12 hours

Information: UCPA | +33 (0)4 79 08 72 15 | 128 Chemin du Plan d'Amont