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Maison de la Vanoise – Vanoise national Park Visitor Center

maison du parc de la vanoiseThe Visitor Center includes an information desk.

Outings and information
A tour guide will provide you with information on the flora, fauna, and the actions underway to save and protect the environment. Free access to permanent exhibits on the “Salt Road” and the local fauna that you may encounter in the park.

Salt Road Exhibit
Learn about the history of the Salt Road, which stretches from Pralognan-la-Vanoise to Termignon.
In the 13th century, crossing Col de la Vanoise Pass (now in the heart of the National Park) was the shortest route for transporting salt from the Moutiers salt mines to Italy. Thus, the "Salt Road" was born. A trade route first used by merchants, and then pilgrims, vendors, the military, and mountain climbers…
The exhibit starts with a 8-meters wide aerial map. The tale is interspersed with 11 stations each focusing on a specific aspect of life on this road, such as the chapels, chalets, flora and fauna… The hands-on model of a mountain, with different figures to place, is a learning tool for children to enjoy the exhibit as a family.
Local personalities provide video testimonials of their experience and their professions connected to the Salt Road. For those who would like to learn more, in-depth sheets provide more details on the themes of the exhibit. displays with local fauna everyone to see close up what a ptarmigan, a black grouse, a marmot, or even a snow hare looks like. 

Temporary exhibits
All season long, photos expos and a chance to meet the artists.
Photos expo on fauna in winter. Exposition (photos and text) on alpine plants and vegetation.

Nature game workshops
Every Tuesday afternoon enjoy a workshop that builds greater awareness about nature through games and other national park goodies.

Wild animal watching
On Thursday afternoons, meet with park rangers at the ski area trails to observe local fauna.

Film night
On late afternoon participate in a film-discussion (check the Petit Journal for exact times).

2018-2019 information

Opening hours in winter: Monday through Friday & Sunday, from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00 (except on holidays).
Address: 169 avenue de Chasseforêt | 73710 Pralognan la Vanoise | +33 (0)4 79 08 71 49

Hydraulica Gallery

galerie hydraulicaAt the base of one of the largest intake pipes for capturing glacier runoff, Hydraulica Gallery will reveal the secrets of hydroelectricity. Its metallurgical and chemical applications allowed the valley to develop through industry In the 19th century, long before ski resorts appeared.
A captivating visit punctuated with films, models, slideshow...
Scenography translated into english.

Self-guided tour
(during opening hours)
3.00 €
3.50 €
2.00 €
9.00 €
Guided visit «La force de l’eau, le travail des hommes» (in French)
Tuesdays at 15:00, reservation required*
Min: 5 pers. - Max : 20 pers.
4.00 €
4.50 €
2.50 €
12.00 €

Reduced : students, the unemployed, combined Glacialis/Hydraulica ticket holders | Child : 7 to 16 years old | Family: 2 adults + 2 children.
* the day before by 18:00 at the latest.

Temporary exhibit:
“Quand on dit montagne” (“Tales about the mountains.”) Locals share their stories. Made by ethnologist Valentina Zingari and the FACIM Foundation. Through placards and audio recordings, this exhibit highlights the stories and accounts of those who live on the south-facing slopes of the Tarentaise Valley.

2018-2019 rates & information

Opening hours in winter: January 21 to April 12, 2019, from 14:00 to 18:00
Address: Le Villard | 73350 Planay (FR) | +33 (0)4 79 22 19 68

Espace Glacialis

espace glacialisGlaciers are ever-present in our local mountains, and Espace Glacialis reveals their secrets. The interpretive center is located in Champagny-le-Haut’s beautiful hanging valley. Learn everything you need to know about these giant rivers of ice, from the science to the historical role they have played, through a fun and interactive exhibit (movies, models, photos, hands-on displays…). All winter long a temporary exhibit (subject coming soon).

Self-guided visit
2.00 €
3.00 €
1.50 €
Guided visit
3.00 €
4.00 €
2.00 €

Reduced: student, the unemployed, combined Glacialis/Hydraulica ticket holder | Child: 6 to 13 years old| Groups: 10 person minimum, ask about rates.

Temporary Alpine Ibex exhibit:

Through sketches and illustrations, discover one of the most emblematic wild animals living in the surrounding mountains. Learn in detail about how the ibex thrives in the in the local alpine environment.

Ibex horns and other exciting artifacts are part of the exhibit. In addition, families will have fun learning about the “lord of the Alps” through educational games.

To enjoy exploring this and other exhibits as a family, please feel free to ask for the “12 défis” (12 puzzling challenges)!

2018-2019 rates & information

Opening hours in winter: from 26/12/2017 to 20/04/2018, Tuesday to Friday: 14:00-18:00.
Address: Le bois | Champagny-le-haut | 73350 Champagny-en-Vanoise (FR) | +33(0)4 79 55 06 55 or +33(0)4 79 01 40 28

Between heritage and landscape

Tours around the village. The tour follows the sunniest aspects of our destination and offers you the chance to visit a wide variety of local relics and ruins. The guide knows the ins and outs of Pralognan, and created the tour after several long, in-depth discussions with the village elders.

Per person7,00 €

2018-2019 rates & information

Register at the Tourist Office

Goat Farm Tour

chaviere goat farm

Audrey & Sylvain warmly welcome you in their farm, with a new dedicated area for baby goats, to take part in milking and appreciate local cheeses tasting.

Child (4-11 years old)
Visit and tasting
8.00 €
2.00 €

2018-2019 rates & information

Register at the Tourism Office | For this tour, please leave your dogs at home

Winter backstage


The Mont-Bochor aerial tram (free)

Discover the aerial tram behind the scenes with our guided tour.
Register at the Tourist Office.

Beneath the ice! (free)

During school-holiday periods, venture beneath the ice and behind the scenes at the ice rink (see the Petit Journal).
Register at the Tourist Office.