Comedy Festival Pralognan Vanoise

9th Comedy Festival

From March 12 to 14, evening shows at the "Salle Polyvalente" (Multi-purpose hall), on the slopes, and in the explosive musical performances in the bars throughout the village.

This year, exceptionnal "Girly" edition!

Comedy Festival

From March 12-14, 2019, attend the Festival d'Humour (Comedy Festival)
Organized by Fabrice Abraham

A 3-day Festival, enjoy evening entertainment in the multi-purpose hall, and explosive musical performances on the slopes and in the bars.

Following the performances of Florent Peyre, Constance, Alexandre Pesle, Arnaud Maillard, Pierre Aucaigne, and even Fabrice Abraham, Yann Stotz, Gab, Topick, Pierre Diot, and Freddy Coutboul, Antonia de Rendinger, Yohann Metay, Patrik Cotte-Moine, Anthony Joubert, Vincent Piguet - Benjamin Tranié and Tex, Pralognan will host the 9th Festival d'Humour (Comedy Festival). 

One-man shows, mountainside concerts and concerts in the village, as well as several other surprises the artists have in store, and shows to see as a family that are free for those less than 1.30m tall. The comedians have been selected according to 3 key criteria, show quality, skiing style, and their ability to resist the temptation of a raclette/fondue/genepy. As usual, satirical cartoonist Gab will design the official poster. Once again this year's edition promises fantastic encounters and an avalanche of uncontrollable laughter.

2019 Programm:
We have the pleasure to welcome:


Tuesday, March 12 (21:00 at the Salle Polyvalente): Doully - One woman show(in French)
À sa naissance, les trois marraines fées de Doully se penchèrent sur son berceau. La première lui insuffla l’amour du théâtre, la seconde lui fit don de la volonté et la troisième qui revenait d’une soirée beaujolais, se prit les pieds dans sa cape en s’approchant du berceau et dit “Ah merde, j’ai encore trop picolé ! ».
Après ce cocktail féerique détonnant Doully reprend contact avec les autochtones gaulois et construit son premier seule en scène “L’Addiction c’est pour moi !”

If you know Antonia de Rendinger from Laurent Ruquier's show "On n’demande qu’à en rire" (Make us laugh), "Vendredi tout est permis" (On Friday, anything goes), the festival in Montreux, or the Marrakech du Rire comedy festival, you will be excited to see her live, in an explosive "best of" performance of the most well-known sketches from her shows.
She'll play colorful characters, women from around the world, crazy professors, and controversial topics; Antonia means great writing, a great voice, style and substance.

Wednesday, March 13 (21:00 at the Salle Polyvalente):  Comedy "Et elles vécurent heureuses" (in French) with Lucie Bernardonie, Vanessa Féry et Marie-Cécile Sautreau.
Une comédie férocement joyeuse sur les femmes, le bonheur, l’amour, l’amitié... mais surtout pas sur les contes de fées !
Angélique s’apprête à dire oui… ou non ! Jeanne est enceinte… ou pas !
Delphine divorce… mais garde le chien !
Et si le bonheur se trouvait là où on ne le cherche pas…
Il n'y a pas de hasard, il n'y a que des rendez-vous !!!
Dans la salle d'attente d'un cabinet médical, trois femmes, que tout oppose, vont se rencontrer à un moment charnière de leur vie. Toutes les trois ont un point commun : la recherche du bonheur ! Le vrai ! Mais…

This is the story of a guy who ran a race around the Mont-Blanc Range! On foot! But why?...
For pride, to find meaning to the passing time, to become somebody…? When delusions of grandeur meet the limits of the human body, when hallucinations mean talking marmots, and when your liver causes an epic physical and mental breakdown, a comedy routine about the experience is absolutely necessary!
In a heroic quest to dig deep within, he will overcome cramps, doubts, other runners, low blood sugar, existential questions, and pure delirium to accomplish his singular dream of finishing the race… alive!
A show where everyone will see a little bit of themselves!

Thursday, March 14 (21:00 at the Salle Polyvalente): Live music with Anaïs 
Who's that girl?! This is what she may answer:
Born in Grenoble, exactly in "La Tronche" ("The Face") in August 1976, on the 20th...
She's got a driver licence
She was operated on for appendicits in '82
Complete her school studies in '94
Kind of English studies
Singer, songwriter and composer with the group Opossum between 99 and 2003
Discover Anaïs here!

And for once, a fourth night show Friday, March 16 (21:00 at the Salle Polyvalente): with Tex!



Tickets for shows are available for purchase through the Tourism Office (tel.: +33 (0)4 79 08 79 08).
Reservation recommended (by phone or at the Tourism Office desk).

Pass for 3 days (From Tuesday to thursday)30.00 €
Individual ticket (Tuesday, wednesday and thursday)12.00 €
Under 1m30Free!
Doully Comedy Festival Pralognan Vanoise Doully Comedy Festival Pralognan Vanoise
Live Music Anaïs Humor Festival Pralognan Vanoise Live Music Anaïs Humor Festival Pralognan Vanoise
Comedy Festival Pralognan Vanoise Comedy Festival Pralognan Vanoise
Comedy Festival Pralognan Vanoise Comedy Festival Pralognan Vanoise
Comedy Festival Pralognan Vanoise Comedy Festival Pralognan Vanoise
Comedy Festival Pralognan Vanoise Comedy Festival Pralognan Vanoise
Comedy Festival Pralognan Vanoise Comedy Festival Pralognan Vanoise
Comedy Festival Pralognan Vanoise Comedy Festival Pralognan Vanoise
Comedy Festival Pralognan Vanoise Comedy Festival Pralognan Vanoise

Before and after parties 

David Oxxo pairs up with cajón player Yassine Zaïdi

Solo, David Oxxo, with his trusty Martin guitar and compositions, has fun playing the standard greats from the 60s to today.
He started playing in legendary locations (Reservoir, China, Carlton…). Over the last few years, David Oxxo has added a sampler to his show, allowing for a "live" recording of his guitar and voice. The musical scores of his compositions and cover songs have become much richer and give the impression that David Oxxo is not alone on stage; and this time around he won't be as Yassine plays the cajón alongside him. Enjoy the concert!

Tuesday, after Antonia's show, at Bar du Bochor
Wednesday, starting at 22:00, at the bowling alley bar
Thursday, after Topick's show, at 200 Vins & 1

Sunday, March 10, 18:00: before in Epicea Lodge Bar
Monday, March 11, 18:00: before in Pépé Gust’
Tuesday, March 12, 22:15: After in Bar du Bochor
Wednesday, March 13, 18:00 and 22:15: Before & After in La Grange Bar
Thursday, March 14, 22:15: After in Bowling Bar and... on the slopes depending on weather!

Past editions of the Comedy Festival and artists

2018 Patrik Cottet-Moine, Anthony Joubert, Vincent Piguet & Benjamin Tranié, Tex

2017 Antonia De Rendinger, Yohann Métay, Topick

2016 Pierre Aucaigne, Gabriel, Arnaud Cosson, and Cyril Ledoublé

2013 Pierre Diot, Florent Peyre, Arnaud Maillard

2012 Jeff, Marco, Pierre Aucaigne

2011 Winter: Gabriel, Rodolphe Couthuis, Arnaud Maillard, Constance, Fabrice Abraham

2011 Summer: Topick, Yann Stotz, Cécile Giroud, Freddy Coutboul, Fabrice Abraham

2010 Fabrice Abraham, Florent Peyre, Alexandre Pesle