Just for kids

Along the water

Doron de Chavière

Just upstream from the hamlet of Prioux, you will come upon a calm and quiet spot along Doron de Chavière River.
All day long relax and picnic in this incredibly peaceful location.
Dip your feet in the water or even go for a swim.

Nature hikes "Just for kids"! (aged 6-12)

Vanoise Adventurers in the forest

Adventure and Nature discovery day with friends: build your hut, climb the trees of the Squirrel Course, slide along the zip lines ... Ziiiiiiiiiiiiip !!! Discover the secrets of the forest and enjoy the Chamallow Party!

All-day42 € / child

Vanoise Adventurers in the mountains

At more than 2000 m above sea level, at the foot of the glaciers, the Little Adventurers go in search of rock crystals, but also discover lots of surprises: constructions with "glacial flour", dams, land art, carnivorous plants, and crossing streams! Small snack at the end of the hike

All-day42 € / child*

*Bring a picnic lunch

Vanoise Adventurers “return” (Friday) (All-day)
Crystals, land art, dams and watermills, carnivorous plants, walking through glacial flour, and dipping your toes into meltwater from the area’s incredibly beautiful glaciers. Let’s not forget snack time with friends at a local mountain hut, as the marmots whistle right nearby!

All-day33 € / child*

*Except pass lifts 

Summer 2020 rates

Contact: Bureau des Guides | 69 rue du Grand Couloir | +33 (0)4 79 08 71 21


There are several easy walks to enjoy as a family:

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