Treetop adventure course Pralognan Vanoise

Treetop adventure course

A series of fun challenges through the trees, embark on adventure in a 100% all-natural decor that is totally safe!
Hanging bridges, skyways, and rope swings one after the other for an adrenaline rush and amazing thrills that you will not soon forget.
Located in Creux des Lanches, Pralognan's treetop adventure course has several different courses as well as zip lines.

Treetop Adventure course

Short course (8-12 yo)
27.00 €
Long course (+12 yo)
27.00 €
Long course + zip lines (+12 yo)
45.00 €

New! Zip lines

6 zip lines: 400m, 460m, 340m 200m and 2 x 150m

+12 yo27.00 €

Summer 2020 rates

Contact: Bureau des Guides | 69 rue du Grand Couloir | +33 (0)4 79 08 71 21