For a one or two-hour stroll, a half or full-day hike as a family or to raise your heart rate, or even a multi-day trek, Pralognan-la-Vanoise offers kilometers of well-maintained designated trails.
Enjoy a wide variety of landscapes: alpine pastures, lakes, forests, steep terrain, mountain passes, majestic panoramas, snowfields, brisk streams… with fascinating local flora and fauna to discover.
Mountain leaders are available to guide you on any excursion.

Guided outings

With the Guide Service (Bureau des guides):
The Guide Service offers a full range of hikes of all levels to discover and enjoy the local flora, fauna, lakes, and breathtaking views.
Don't worry about slowing down the group or not being able to walk at your own pace. Through years of experience and honed group-management skills, our hiking guides know how to ensure that everyone has a great time on a group hike.
Choose from several themed hikes; the activities and entertainment page describes each in detail.

2020 Selection:

Alpine dawn, early morning walks (half-day)
Start at dawn for a quiet early-morning hike to where local wild animals roam. Observe herds of chamois and ibex close up. Experience the magical colors at sunrise and incredible views of the surrounding glaciers.

Half-day (morning) : 34.00 € per adult / 26.00 € per child (from 8 yo)

WILD athletic, go further go higher (all-day)
Enjoy an unprecedented off-trail experience where only locals dare to venture. See the surrounding mountains and glaciers from another point of view: pink marble slabs, wild glacial cirques, chamois tracks, and other magical landscapes to explore off the beaten path.

All-day : 34.00 € per adult (+ 13 yo)

Twilight walks: on the lookout for wild animals
Start hiking at the end of the afternoon, as the day quiets down, to observe local fauna (red deer, roe deer, grouse, eagles, and chamois…) and admire the colors as the sun sets over the legendary Vanoise glaciers. Picnic in the mountains and night hike back to the starting point.

Half-day (evening) : 29.00 € per adult / 22.00 € per child (from 8 yo)

Extract from summer 2020 rates

Contact: Bureau des Guides | 69 rue du Grand Couloir | +33 (0)4 79 08 71 21|

Ânes en Vanoise:
Hiking with pack donkeys. The ideal animal for your treks through the mountains as a family. This friendly animal will carry your packs and walk at your pace.

Family hikes with Stéphane, a mountain leader and pack-donkey expert.

Half day
30.00 €23.00 €
All day
42.00 €
36.00 €
2 days to spend the night in a mountain hut*
72.00 €
60.00 €

*Except accommodations and catering

Summer 2020 rates

Contact: Ânes en Vanoise | +33 (0)6 26 97 59 54

The hikes

The area surrounding Pralognan offers more than 250km of designated trails.
Here are a few hikes ranked by difficulty (green: very easy, blue: easy, red: difficult, black: very difficult).

Map4.00 €
"Topo" (detailed guide)10.00 €
Map + topo12.00 €

Summer 2019 rates

Contact: Tourism Office | 290 avenue de Chasseforêt | +33 (0)4 79 08 79 08

Green-rated (very easy) hikes:

Blue-rated (easy) hikes:

Red-rated (difficult) hikes:

Black-rated (very difficult) hikes:

The huts