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History: On August 8, 1860, following an ascent that required cutting more than 1100 steps in the snow and ice – including 800 using an axe – Willimam Mathews and his guides, Michel Croz and Tienne Favre, reached the summit of the 3855-meter Grande Casse, the high point of the Savoie and the Vanoise Range. This success opened the door to a new era for Pralognan, one driven by tourism and exploring the high mountains, and one that quickly inspired locals to work as high-mountain guides.
Some of them, especially from the Amiez and Favre families, also played a major role in conquering the unclimbed summits in the area (first ascent of the Grand Bec in 1878, of the Grande Casse's north face in 1887, and Epena in 1900 to name a few). Guiding as a profession started to become increasingly organized; as early as 1876, the Tarentaise section of the French Alpine Club took the initiative to publish a list of mountain climbers potentially available to guide.

Today, the high-mountain and hiking guides in Pralognan-la-Vanoise remain passionate about and attached to their valley and the surrounding mountains. New rock climbing routes add to a range renonwned for its hiking trails, glaciers, and backcountry skiing.
There are also other mountain activities available for you to enjoy (via ferrata, treetop adventure courses, paragliding, zip lines…).

Our guides would love to share their passion to allow you to safely discover and enjoy the mountains.

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