Youtube video Teaser FIS Telemark World Cup Pralognan Vanoise
Telemark World Cup Pralognan Vanoise ©Yvan Lastes

Pralognan hosts Telemark World Cup for the second time!
2018 was succesfull! In 2019, the whole village will do its best to offer once again to competitors and visitors, a wonderful and spectacular race.

Telemark World Cup Pralognan Vanoise ©Yvan Lastes
Telemark World Cup Pralognan Vanoise ©Nils Louna

FIS Telemark World Cup 2019

The origins of telemark skiing

Telemark applies a combination of Nordic skiing techniques for downhill skiing where the free heel (not fixed to the ski) allows the skier to harmoniously flow down the mountain using the legendary "telemark turn." The turn requires bending the inside leg. This is one of the oldest skiing techniques, invented in 1868 by carpenter Sondre Nordheim in the county of Telemark, Norway.

Telemark skiing has always been popular in Scandinavian countries, and experienced a recent boom starting in the 1970s, first in North America and then in other skiing regions.

This discipline requires alpine skiing, backcountry skiing, and freeride skiing technique, and also allows for other artistic acrobatics.



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