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Cross-country skiing in Pralognan

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Dog sledding

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Inuit apprenticeship by night

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Encore une belle semaine vous attend à Pralognan ! 😎☀️

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En route pour une nouvelle semaine ! ☺️✌️

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La machine du week-end est en route !

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Pralognan-la-Vanoise, a traditional Alpine winter sports resort

An exceptional village nestled in Vanoise National Park, in the heart of the Savoie, Pralognan offers a majestic and well-preserved all-natural setting for those who truly love to spend time in the mountains.

A family-friendly ski resort in winter, cherished for the ski area's wild and varied terrain, Pralognan-la-Vanoise combines the charm of a traditional village-resort with the delight of a vast natural playground in a high-mountain environment.

The ski area will be open from December 17, 2016, through April 17, 2017.